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ACT & SAT Preparation


Are you just starting your test preparation or have you reached a plateau and can’t seem to improve?

Everyone starts preparing from different strengths and weaknesses. As your tutor, I determine what those are, teach you all you need to know, and coach you to be at your best on test day.

The English Test (ACT) Writing and Language (SAT)

Whether you need to learn punctuation and grammar from the ground up or whether you have a few gaps to fill in your knowledge of the rules, I can get you to where you need to be to ace this portion of the test.

The Reading Test (ACT and SAT)

Reading is at the heart of these tests generally, but the sections specifically presented as a reading test require a way of reading that is not part of anyone’s everyday life or education.  Although there are no tricks, I have developed strategies that will help readers of all levels to reach a personal best.

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